This home was built with his own two hands. After marrying his high school sweetheart and having a child with her, he created this four bedroom, two bathroom masterpiece. At the end of a secluded dirt road, positioned on a big green lawn, is where he chose to put it. This dirt road is where his daughters would learn to drive, where they would have their first kiss, where they would feel the pain of their first loss. The big green lawn would become overgrown in the summer, while in the fall it served as a racetrack for four-wheelers and ATVs. In the winter, this field would be covered in snow and used as a giant snow fort, snowmobile track, and play space. 

Additions would be made to the house when a hole was cut from the family’s heart. Play space would be taken up by these additions. Subtractions would take place inside, the island and master bath would be ripped out, when people tried to fix the family’s heart. Reminders from those who left holes would remain in the closet where a sun would be painted and in the boxes in the basement filled with things of hers. Pictures and possessions of those who would try to fix the holes would appear throughout the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms. 

Slowly people would grow out of the house. They would leave for school. Some would transfer schools. They all would lose their remaining innocence in this house as the walls took in the hurtful words. The remnants of a family would move away, never to come back again. 

Amanda Small ‘14