The Grand Piano

Looking at the eighty-eight black and white keys, I put my hands on them and hit the first note. The great sound floats all around the empty hall. The piano is located on the first floor of the main school building, at the back entrance. From the piano, the view of the whole gym and part of the track field can be seen through the grand glass doors. This is the only grand piano on campus when the others are just regular ones. I always prefer this piano because it is the best one. The others all have a little problems, lost keys or weird sounds. Normally, this black grand piano is occupied. There are some really good pianists at this school, with their professional sitting positions and their outstanding skill. Some students fool around with it; they even don’t how to play, but they hit the keys very hard and make loud noises.

    Different from them, I love playing piano, here, at this time, because I can feel my world. Although there is no audience, I play the pieces that I think are the most beautiful. Sometimes people come by to listen, and I smile at them, in greeting, and they always smile back. I love this feeling, that my world of music is not disturbing, but appreciated. I don’t need to show off my piano skills to the students or faculty members passing by. I don’t need to struggle with some extremely hard pieces. And I don’t need somebody to accompany me, because I never feel alone when I play music.

    My hands are jumping among the keys with my eyes closed. I can feel the vibration of the piano wires. My heart vibrates with the rhythm and my body shakes along with the strong strength.

    I hit the final key. In my mind, the note lasts forever.

    Zhuoyang Wang '14