The Bay

  When I lower the window, a current of warm and humid wind brushes my face and neck. Instantly, I feel refreshed. Driving on the road for six hours has made me sick and dizzy. I cannot care much about the amazing tropical scenes of palm trees and coconuts along the road, because the carsickness makes me sweat and suffer. I occupy the back of my father’s SUV and could sleep in a reclining position forever. Mom and Dad are in the front; Dad is driving and Mom is assisting with the navigation; together they work their way to the destination. I then speculate that, as a fourteen years old vulnerable child, I don’t need to worry about anything but lie down and let it be.

    Under the enchanting sunshine, we sluggishly drive along the road up a grassy hill. The fine breeze that comes from the sea wakes me up from the giddy afternoon nap as I lower the window. Palm trees with a great variety of different curves and thicknesses pass ceaselessly behind. A familiar smell mingled with hermit crab and clams fill my nose all within a second. Simultaneously, the sheer beauty of the rugged coastal scenery emerges in front of my eyes. The bay lies between two tips of the grassy hill, forming a unique shape of a crescent moon. 

    Within the bay, the atmosphere tends to be serene but restless. For the euphony comes from the seagulls hovering above the bay and the rippling wavelets from the surface of sea. It keeps me quiescent. Closer observation of the billow striking relentlessly against the reef and the outcome of the crabs falling into the undercurrent, keeps me vigilant of the perils. It always makes me wonder how charming the grassy hill could be; how lovely are the small creatures that run all over it and assemble with golden flowers; to make itself beautiful enough so that it could embrace such a wonderful portion of the mother sea.

   Taste the marrow of the tropics, coconut milk, while browsing the fine scenarios ahead, I marvel at nature, such a fascinating relief.

 Chen Liu ‘15