Being Homesick

Dalian is a port city in China near Japan where many goods are exported. The nightlife there is filled with people going to restaurants, clubs, and singing karaoke. Half of the city is filled with skyscrapers, and the other half is covered in forest. This is my home, and I miss my home.

    I am finishing my first year at a school in the United States more than 6,000 miles away from home. I only got to go home once this year, and it made me feel excited and relaxed at the same time.

    After seven months of school in the US, I went back to China in March. We only had about 10 days for our spring vacation, and I wasn’t supposed to go home. It was a last-minute trip because I did not make other plans. The airplane journey lasted 12 hours, and I was completely bored and exhausted. Finally I reached my beautiful home town. I cannot use words to describe the feelings I had when I squeezed through the crowd and saw my parents. I got in the car as fast as a jet, and they drove me home.

    I felt tired but happy when I saw my house. I put my suitcase on the floor and couldn’t wait to lie on my own comfortable bed. I chatted with my parents a lot that night. But because of the jet lag, I could not fall asleep.    I lay on my bed and listened to the voices of owls. I don’t know when I fell asleep that night, but when I woke up, the aroma of food was fantastic.

    I could smell the fried rice with eggs. I had missed that smell and couldn’t wait to taste it. My father is an excellent cook, but my mother is not. She is a business woman and is often working. My father and I went to restaurants for lunch every day. It was not very exciting, but it made me feel relaxed and comfortable. 

    These lunches made me think about how much I missed my parents, the food, my friends, and the park where I walked every day. Finally the weekend came, and I could see my friends from my old school. Hang is one of my best friends. The last time I saw him was a year ago, and I was taller than he was. When I saw him in March, he was the taller one. That was a surprise, and he teased me about it. The two of us went out to eat at a new restaurant, and we talked about another new girlfriend that he has. What a playboy he is. We watched “Need For Speed” with Chinese subtitles and chatted a lot. 

    When I returned to my school in the US, I continued to enjoy studying here. I have friends here too. It is easy for me to make friends, and I have many friends in many cities and other countries. I also like the environment here. I like the trees, flowers, green grass, and clean air here. I am happy here, and I am not really homesick. But I love my home. 

Jun Wang '17